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Our story begins with the birth of our daughter in 2005. Kate had severe allergies and asthma right from birth. She was unable to wear disposable diapers or diaper service diapers. In searching for cloth diaper covers, we happened upon a whole new world of cloth diapering. We ordered a variety of diapers and were thrilled with some and not with others. So, with Ann's degree in Marketing and many years in retail management and then working with small business owners to help them build their businesses, we decided to jump in with both feet and opened Love Bugs Co. on February 14, 2006.

In 2011, we sold off our inventory and decided to make a change with the direction life was taking us. Ann made a smock for Kate to alert others to her food allergies while we were at parties, church and play groups. We had so many people ask us about it that we decided to invest in an embroidery machine and start sewing them for others. We keep branching out and adding other products that will help kids with health issues while also creating fun extras (dresses, hair bows, personalized items, etc...).

We have no idea where this adventure will take us but, we are having fun as a family watching it grow. We rejoice in every email and feedback of how our products have helped and we love to share your stories on Facebook if you want to share.

Thank you for helping us grow!

Blessings, Brad, Ann, Nick and Kate